Jezzies!! Drop what you're doing right this minute (that's an order!) and watch this poem by Lily Myers on the expectations women face—and how they become internalized. This is some must-watch feminist awesomeness!

I love it all but perhaps my favorite part is the section on what she learns from watching her mother:

"I hear her as she creeps down to eat plain yogurt in the dark...a fugitive stealing calories to which she does not feel entitled. How many bites is too many? How much space does she deserve to occupy?"


It is amazing how well she addresses the dueling external and internal pressures women face. The whole video hit home for me in a big way, and I think it probably resonates with all women.

...Also interesting is that the ad I watched before the video featured Patty Stanger (The Millionaire Matchmaker) discussing ways women can work on reeling in men.