Today I was talking to a friend of mine. We've been friends for 10 years, and I love her dearly, but she is a bit much sometimes. She thinks she's some kind of new age guru. For the first few years of our relationship, she was that to me. But then I moved on, and our friendship evolved, with some bumps and bruises along the way.

So today I was telling her how pissed off and outraged I am that the burglar used my only suitcase to steal my stuff out of my god damn apartment. She's had this happen to her before. She knows how it feels. But then she starts going on with the Guru shit.

Her: "Oh you know...really it's just a lesson so we can learned not to be so attached to material..."

Me: "Ok...stop. Just stop. Right now I really need you to be my friend. I don't need a teacher."

Her: "No but it's the..."

Me: "I don't need a teacher. I don't need you to tell me what it means. I need you to be my friend."

Her: "But really the universe is telling us..."

Me: "I can't talk anymore. I'll talk to you later. Bye"

Her: "Ohh...ok...have a good trip."

Jesus H Fucking Christ. Does everything under the sun have to be about you? Does everything have to be about how you have a higher connection to universal consciousness than me? I'm not fucking stupid, you know. I get that at some point, when this stops stinging, I'll be able to look back and see what I lost and what I gained. Now is not that time. Right now I am still raw and hurting and I need a friend to say "I'm sorry. That feels terrible. How horrible." This is not about you, and I don't need someone to tell me my feelings aren't important because it's all some bigger cosmic lesson. (Although I did feel much better after I slammed that boundary down. So that's something?)

In short, fuck off. I love you, but not tonight.