Geraldo appeared on Fox and Friends yesterday to talk about the Orlando shooting, specifically to victim blame, as he decided it would be appropriate to question why no one fought back when the gunman paused to reload.

I dunno Geraldo, maybe because by the time his AR-15 ran out of bullets he had mowed down anyone close enough to tackle him? Maybe it was because people were doing what law enforcement says you should do in an active shooter situation if you can, which is try to flee to safety, so there was no one near him to tackle him when he reloaded. Because here’s the thing, Geraldo: when someone is killing people with an AR-15, they don’t have to be in tackling distance, or even in the same room to kill somebody. The bullets can even fire through furniture and walls.

Anyone else detecting an undercurrent of homophobia in Geraldo’s comments? Like it’s a subtle dog whistle to Fox viewers that if the people in that club that night had been “real men” they would have stopped the guy with the equipment that was originally designed to let the military kill a whole lot of people, really fast?

I have a hard time believing that Geraldo would have done anything but run away if confronted with an active shooter situation.