You guys. YOU GUYS. It's day 2 of this whole shutdown mess, and I'm about to lose it.

Not, as you might think, as a result of the shutdown. Day 1 was actually not so bad, got a lot of stuff done, life was good. Had, all in all, a fantastic day! Life was good.

Today? Oh, today. They're doing extensive plumbing work in the apartment next to mine. THE APARTMENT NEXT TO MINE. They began said plumbing work at 8am. Isn't that many levels of illegal? Probably not, but IT SHOULD BE. Because I have been listening to really loud drilling and hammering for over an hour now, and it's not even 9am. DAMMIT NOW I THINK THEY ARE UPSTAIRS AS WELL. This is like hell on earth, you guys. I cannot even express how goddamn noisy is it in here right now.

Time for Jess to walk downtown in the hopes that she finds something to keep her occupied (hellloooooo Barnes and Noble) for the next few hours, before she AXE MURDERS the nice people doing said plumbing work.