Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Shutdown Musings

1. Motherf**ker, don’t blame democrats for this. We all knew you were full of it last week when you said you’d own the blame for a shutdown. However, your damn party controls everything still this week. And some GOP senators thankfully don’t want to cater to your stupid wall.

2. The Mob probably owns you stateside like Russia owns your ass overseas. Your stupid wall/slats is so they can get those sweet govie construction contracts. Better make sure Michael Cohen didn’t record conversations about that, too.


3. Honestly, I think half the reason the House put forward that stupid bill they knew the Senate wouldn’t agree to was spite since Cheeto Mussolini says he won’t go to Mar-a-Lago until things are resolved and he’s such a douchebag they wanted to ruin his vacation.

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