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Sibling Drama: Facebook Photo Edition

Both of my siblings are lovely, lovely people but— bless their hearts— sometimes they make me want to strangle their little scrawny chicken necks. Today's chicken neck belonged to my sibling who is a Photo-Share Slut (PSS). Here is the story:

So my other sibling, the one that will be Important Some Day (ISD) blessed our family by generating a new child this past weekend. Yay! New child is adorable and healthy. ISD informed all us local family members that photos would be emailed, but should not be shared on Facebook.


I’m sure you see where this is heading but, let’s take a break here for a moment—isn't it normal FB etiquette for the bearer of BIG NEWS to be the one who posts first about it? Doesn't generating offspring fall into this category?

But I digress—

PSS, of course, posted ISD’s photos today on FB. I being a HELPFUL (i.e. meddlesome) sibling sent a text along the lines of: don’t mean to be in your business, but did you check with ISD before posting those? Mildly rude text received back in reply, but photos were taken down within the hour. I had expected the rude reply and felt it was a fine price to pay for stopping the nonsense before ISD saw and was upset, but REALLY?


Anyone else have some good sibling FB drama to share?

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