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Sibling equality?

How much do your parents try to split things equally between you and your siblings? The mister and I are at a family thing and just learned that his mother is bring his sister’s family on a cruise next year (and paying for it) and selling an inherented property and giving it to his sister for a down parent. I have the feeling it comes down to “for the kids” and since we are childless we are just shit out of luck.

It isn’t about the “stuff” they are getting but that we aren’t included in anything. None of us are rolling in the money but we do have a bit more disposable income because we don’t have kids but we are also partially supporting my mother who is disabled. They have owned a few houses in the past and my husband and I can’t really afford to buy so we haven’t yet.


Eta: his mothered complained endlessly about how unfair she and her sibling were treated.

And we have now been offered a consolation prize vacation. Missing the point.

We aren't bringing up the down payment thing. There will be no winners in that battle.

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