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I’ve thought about this for years but, given the current events, now more than ever. Sorry if it’s a bit long. I know it’s a deviation from my usual shitposting :P

My brother is 22 years old and moderately autistic. He is verbal and will likely be able to live independently one day but he still has some limitations that leave me terrified of the possibility of him encountering the police.

BurnerBro is the sweetest person I know, absolutely no history of violence even under stress/pressure (and we’ve got some annoying, button-pushing little cousins, believe me). But he is a big guy. 6 feet tall, about 230 pounds, and strong. Out of context, he looks intimidating.


You cannot tell that he’s autistic just from looking at him or even after a brief conversation. He flaps his hands when he’s excited but I doubt that your average police officer would be able to perceive that my brother is different.

And with girls, he’s really struggling with knowing what’s appropriate and what’s not. He sends girls Facebook messages saying what’s up and that he “misses” them. A neighbor woman has called my mother in tears because he was loitering outside her house. This neighbor knows my brother, yet he still scared her. Who knows what would have happened had it been a stranger’s house?

This shit legitimately keeps me up at night. What will happen if someone calls the cops on him one day? My dad is teaching him how to drive - what if he’s pulled over? What will he do if he’s given an instruction he doesn’t understand? Will he try to run? Will he try to fight?

My parents are working with him on the appropriate/not appropriate issue as best they can. But I’m the oldest child and I need to help. When my parents are gone, it’ll be me who takes care of him and I need to give it all I’ve got.


Has anyone on GT ever seen any resources for how to prepare adults with autism/other disabilities on what to do during a police encounter?

I appreciate it very much in advance. I love this guy more than words can say and would give my damn life to protect him.

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