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Siblings, or when is tone policing not tone policing

So I have a 17 year old sister, and holy crow she is rude. I don't know if she doesn't realize how she sounds, or just doesn't give a fuck. Prime example— I asked her if she'd mind unloading the dishwasher, her reply was " shut the fuck up, you've been home all day", when " I'm in the middle of something/I'd prefer not to" would have sufficed. She doesn't realize how aggressive she sounds too, someone will ask her a normal question and she'll reply with " Why the fuck do you care?". Snark doesn't work, she flies off the handle. She wonders why teachers "Pick on" her, well....if she's using the tone she does at home they're probably just sick of her crappy attitude. I'm never sure whether or not there's any point bringing it up with her, cause she'd probably just get mad. It frustrates me cause I want her to do well and she's simply not going to with her tone/manner/attitude. Working in a restaurant kitchen has made her worse as well, and my urge is to say " If you were one of my cashiers I'd write you up for saying that" but she probably wouldn't care. Why did I move home?


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