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Sick. But, Hawaii Five-O

So, I rarely take sick days. I horde them until I change jobs, basically. But yesterday I was in bed all day, and this morning I felt a migraine coming on. Plus, it's a slow time of year work-wise. So, while my Protestant work ethic thinks I'm a loser, I called in.

Nothing good on DVR, so I'm in bed, checking GT on my phone (which, you know, is less than adequate).

Then I flip around and see Hawaii Five-O is coming on in 10 minutes. And I think "Well, it's probably the lame, modern one".



It's the original, from 1974. With Jack Lord and everything.

Anyway, I'll probably get bored 10 minutes into it, but I am lustfully anticipating the opening theme music. That theme music is the cut.

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