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Sick kitties fund

I strongly suspect that this is the worst time of year to ask people to consider donating towards anything, but sometimes that’s just how things work out. This is just in case anyone is willing and able to donate - I don’t usually ask but this one feels personal.

I think very few people are familiar with the situation with my neighbour as I’ve only mentioned sparsely in comments (ever have that feeling where even talking about something stresses you even more?), so I’m going to try and sum the backstory up as briefly as I can. For the past couple of years, many people in my neighborhood, myself included, have been reporting him to the RSPCA (animal protection) for neglecting his many cats. The RSPCA has limited rights and said they were unable to do anything. Additionally he was reported to the environmental health agency several times because the house was so full of cat faeces that you could smell it outside, but they also did nothing. We’d even tried to get social care involved to help my neighbour as he obviously needed it and he’d accept no help from any of the neighbours (everyone tried, we all know him) but nothing. Before Christmas my neighbour ended up in hospital, leaving a house full of sick cats.

I am not really here to write about my neighbour, despite his relevance, because I don’t have the bandwidth to deal with him right now. I am still not in control of my feelings on this situation (he has mental health problems so I wish to be compassionate, but that is a real struggle given what I know now). However, a very small local charity called Purrs, who are absolutely amazing, got permission to remove the cats and spent the best part of a week over Christmas rescuing them from horrific conditions. They went back again and again making sure they got every single cat, as the place was very smashed up and there were so many hiding places. They also forced the other agencies who had been ignoring the situation to actually do something when for some reason, they just didn’t want to?


Purrs is a tiny rescue and they have teamed up with some other tiny local rescues to house and care for the extremely sick kitties. The cost for vetinary care is very high for such a small rescue to afford as they got over 20 cats out of the house, and their social media presence isn’t large. If anyone has the resources and would like to donate towards the care of the sick kitties, I’m posting the donation link they provided below (for those outside the UK, you can absolutely donate, however your donation is not eligible for ‘gift aid’ when it asks you). I’m also posting one of their own tweets containing the link in case anyone is happy to share it in the hope they get more donations, that would also be a really big help. The donations received are being spread amongst the rescues that are looking after the cats to make sure they are all provided for.

I am so incredibly grateful to them for rescuing these cats. We have hit nothing but walls wherever we turned trying to turn this situation around, and felt so hopeless. I cannot explain how draining and upsetting this has been, and I don’t even want to try to explain all the details. If they hadn’t gone in when they did, all these cats would have died. As it is, not all cats made it as they were very sick. Some died before he was even taken ill. The way they took charge of this felt like they were superheroes, they have done amazing work, well beyond what a rescue (especially such a small one) is usually expected to deal with. I hope it’s ok to link these here for those who’d like to donate, and for anyone who (hopefully not) finds themselves in a similar situation with reporting animal neglect, please do persist again and again.


I suspect I won’t read comments tonight but if you read this far, I appreciate it. Give your pets extra scritches from me please <3

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