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My cat, who will be 21 in a month, is very sick. About a month ago, we woke up and she was very distressed, lethargic, and vomiting liquid. We took her to the vet who, after giving her fluids and anti-nausea medication, said it was something related to her kidneys (she has kidney disease), but wasn’t super helpful. She slept the rest of the day and was feeling better by the next day.

This morning, same thing. By noon, I decide it’s bad enough to take her in. They take her blood, and just afterwards, she has an “episode” where she collapses and then here eyes struggle to focus. The vet thinks she lost her vision for a minute. She had low blood pressure, and her blood was thick and flowing slowly, so the vet thinks the episode and the blood condition are related. They run some bloodwork and none of it added up to kidney disease. Or if it was, the vet felt that it was an atypical presentation. She had to run one test twice because, as she said, “If those are really her numbers, she’d be dead.” The test was the amount of red blood cells in the blood, and there were a lot. Which sounds good, but it’s not. There was not a lot of fluid, and way too much red blood cells.

They give fluids, anti-nausea meds, and I take her home. She sleeps for a while, but then she gets up and starts dry heaving a bit and panting. I call the vet and they advise me to bring her in again. I do. They’re now thinking that she’s not getting enough oxygen, so she’s currently at the hospital in an oxygen unit. We’re going to touch base tonight around 9:30 to see how she’s doing. I’d like to bring her home tonight, but we’ll see.


There aren’t any clear answers on what’s going on. She said we could still do a full blood panel and x-rays, which may or may not give answers. They will certainly cost a lot of money.

So I’m a bit of a mess right now... My boyfriend is out of town for a gig, so I’m hanging with my mom until we hear from the vet.

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