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Sick of hearing about Comey? Too bad! (also healthcare bill stuff)

No? Great, you can read my thoughts about it! Also, note about healthcare at the end of the post too. I have thoughts:

  1. People are acting perplexed that Trump feels “totally vindicated” after the testimony. I’m not. Trump is focused on the fact that Comey confirmed they weren’t investigating the President personally at that time. He is a narcissist and does not care about those in his vicinity. That’s why he’s “vindicated” - not because he’s a huge moron, but because the only thing he cared about coming out came out. He can happily ignore the rest.
  2. There are a lot of hot takes that the testimony meant/did nothing. That is not at all true. Anyone expecting something explosive and dramatic to happen and Trump to spend last night in jail was not being realistic. What did happen is all this “he said he said” shit is now on record and the testimony was given under oath. All ongoing investigations - whether they happen now or start later - can use this testimony in their case against individuals in the administration and maybe Trump himself. Trump or anyone refuting anything Comey has said is effectively accusing him of perjury which would then open up more investigation.
  3. We got confirmation of the things we did know (and a narrative that makes the situation clearer), and every single thing we were hoping Comey would confirm for us he said “I cannot answer in an open hearing.” If he’d said “no” to any of them, he’d have confirmed negatives under oath.It doesn’t mean the answers were “yes”, but only that he did not want to be on the record saying “no.”
  4. The Republicans’ best line of defense here is that their president is wholly incompetent. They have been saying Comey should have informed him of this and informed him of that. Setting aside the fact that Trump kept getting Comey in private so he obviously knew he was being shady, you have his party basically just saying that incompetence is a positive characteristic. Fun fact: if we were to have a more favorable Congress after 2018, “incompetence” is a very valid reason to impeach a president and the Republicans have essentially given testimony that they view their own president this way.

On healthcare alert: an intern at my Senator’s office confirmed they are expecting to force a vote on the AHCA as early as next week. These are the senators being targeted as possible “no” votes. If one of them is yours, get on the phone and call ALL their offices.


If you’re confused about what is happening (join the club), basically McConnell and a murder of group of 12 other Senators have been discussing legislation behind closed doors, leaving even their fellow Republicans out of it. It’s possible these Republicans will be briefed eventually, but they are going to use an obscure rule to push a vote without the typical editing, expert analysis, budget review, etc. Not to mention the public will not be aware of the details of the bill before the vote. The risk is that Republicans will vote for it and get them their majority.

I am personally confused as to why this would not take the 60 vote majority to pass. Under “budget reconciliation,” only 50 votes (plus VP) would be required but that requires a budget analysis...right?

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