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Sorry y’all, i need to vent.

This one isn’t about all the other awfulness that’s gone on this week—and that IS all awful. This one is about the bullshit billboard that went up on my commute this week.

I noticed earlier this week that there was a new billboard facing I-94 out in Rogers (for all of you Minnesotans—heading toward Mpls in the eastbound lanes, you’ll see it just after you pass the Veit building/complex).


It’s set back off the road a little, in some trees, and at the beginning of the week, it looked like this except billboard-style and not square:

From the way it looked, i knew it was either going to be one of those cheesy “Made you look!” signs.... or, as i was afraid it was gonna be, since it was looking like it could possibly be referencing a woman in a Niquab—some kind of Islamophobic BS.

Unfortunately, it was the latter. This is what appeared under the woman’s eyes yesterday:


The actual billboard has a .com instead of the question mark—these pictures are both lifted off their facebook images (found them in a google search of the website name)—and their site is looking Islamophobic as hell.

I can’t quite figure out who’s behind the stupid thing. There isn’t an easy, obvious trail. according to my Google-fu skills, the server they’re hosted on appears to be out of Scottsdale, AZ.. but who knows where the funding is coming from.


It may be one of the local village’s idiots (Sons of Liberty Media—formerly operating under another name). You can find them on the SPLC’s website—a check of their sites tonight show that that crackpot and his delusions of Christian-Rock Grandeur have evidently morphed from being an Anti LGBTQIA group into a straight-up “Hating pretty much everyone who isn’t white & “Christian” group. But all i know is that this new site seems intent on getting the locals to hate/fear the large group of folks who have come here in the last few decades & happen to be Muslim.

The facebook posts put up by this group look bigoted as hell. I didn’t actually watch any of the videos, but i DID poke around a little (as much as it would let a non-facebook account holder look), and it seems like it’s pretty much all hate-speech type stuff.


I sent a message to the folks at the SPLC, to ask if they’ve seen this crap yet, or have any idea if it IS the local idiot & his flunkies who are behind it.

I KNOW that the timing of this billboard going up means that it had to have been in production well before the awful incidents this week, but it just adds another dimension to the entire awful mess that’s gone on around here this week (this happened in Mpls today, too) :-(


I’m SO sick of stupid fearmongering BS. This on top of the shitty week just put me somewhere in between wanting to curl up in a lump and cry, and having a ragestroke. I know it’s likely about the election cycle and getting folks all scared of “Furr’ners” But it also just makes me absolutely SICK.

It’s fearmongering and hate (and misogyny), plain and simple.

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