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Yup. I was so excited and happy yesterday, and then I started to have that scratchy feeling in my throat.

haha No.

I'll drink tea, I'll be fine

Then I fell asleep by 9 o'clock. I didn't get out of bed today until 2pm.


I need to eat, but I don't know what would stay down. I may try tomato soup, my go-to when sick, but that requires more movement than I am currently willing to try.

So now I am watching my guiltiest of guilty pleasure shows, Hart of Dixie (but really quietly, because sinus-head).

I am kind of happy my roommate left yesterday to see her family for the week, because now I won't infect her with whatever deadly disease I am carrying.

EDIT to tell you the best part. In my sick-dreams, I was transformed into a post-apocolyptic badass in the same Universe as The Walking Dead. So.

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