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Sidewalk Etiquette

Ok, so something happened tonight, and I would like advice/opinions. I was walking my dog, and a woman got out of a cab ahead of me. She starting walking, and turned the corner to head down the block. The same block I live on. Her pace was a bit slow, so I was catching up to her, and I noticed that she seemed to be getting concerned about me "following" her. So, I thought I would actually pick up my pace so I could pass her. In my mind I was thinking "if I stay the same distance away/behind her she's going to think I'm following her to her door." As soon as I picked up my pace she did too. Then she very speedily crossed to the other side of the street. I felt horrible, but I obviously couldn't yell "I wasn't stalking you, ma'am!" Also, I totally understand her actions. A pretty dark, tree-lined street in Chicago after nightfall, so creepy guy sidling up behind her, and nobody else on the block. So, here is my question/call for advice: what should I have done? Should I have spoken to my dog so she knew I was legit? Should I have asked her if she minded if I moved past her so the dog wouldn't jump on her as we walked behind/by? I don't know how I could have signaled to her that I didn't intend her any harm...


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