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Sidney Poitier's Daughter On Lessons of Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner

I assume most here saw this 1967 movie. Released right after the SCOTUS Loving decision. Its a comedy drama. I first saw it in the 1980s and a few times since. I first thought “oh man this is so dated” concerning the parents attitudes at first. With each viewing through the years I wonder has the attitudes really changed?

The movie focuses on a liberal SF family. The parents are very procivil rights. The father with his newspaper advocates civil rights. They also raise their daughter to judge people for who they are.


The question becomes advocatng civil rights and equality is one thing can you practice it. The parents faced this question. I would hope if you advocate equality you would have no problem with your child’s interracial marriage. Yet this is what the parents asked themselves.

Looking back through the years I wonder how far away from 1967. Vast majority believes interracial marriage is fine. Like these parents. Yet I wonder how many of these vast majority do not want it in their family.

Its an excellent movie. The trailer.

He made the film and others to show about racism and overlooked aspects of it.

With this film the awfulness of prejudice.

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