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Groupon for a haircut...not worth it. $10 for $65 in hair services seemed like a great deal, but my hair is sort of fucked. Pieces in my bangs are wonky to the point that my scalp is showing through because the hair is laying so weird. The layers are cut way too long, the ends around my face still look stringy like they weren't even trimmed, one entire side of my bangs is shorter than the other (they're supposed to be blunt and straight across).

The stylist did the cut in about 5 minutes, then started drying it when I was like "um...are you really done?" I'm used to a haircut for me taking 30-40 minutes. I've got a lot of hair, it's very long, but also very thin. It needs a lot of texturing and layering to look right. I explained this to her. She then textured the rest of it DRY which I've never had done to me before, and tried to razor cut my bangs before I stopped her. GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME WITH THAT THING MY HAIR IS WAY TOO THIN TO RAZOR (i said inside my head. on the outside it sounded more like "ummmm. can you just use regular scissors please?) I couldn't really see all that she'd done until I rewashed it and dried it myself today, and saw all the leftover split ends and fucked-ness of bangs. Ugh.

I jumped on the deal when I saw it since I've been broke, looking for jobs, and the bottom layer of my hair was looking like a rats nest. It looked like a piece of cotton when you pull it apart, and all you see is puffy fibers.


I called the salon and explained it to the receptionist, who apologized and is getting me in with another stylist today. I just....I feel like a big baby. I've been trying to not cry all afternoon, despite knowing it's about to (hopefully) get fixed. I cannot stand having my hair messed up. It's the most vain thing about me. :(

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