My initial glee of being let go from my toxic job is wearing off. Regardless of the fact that I wanted to leave and hated the ground he walked on and I already knew he was looking for someone that could work more days, it sucks to be deemed not worthy of a garbage job. I'm debating if I even keep this on my resume.

The money thing is also pretty shitty. I only worked one day a week but it's the best wage I've ever received. My main job is only allowed to let me work 17 hours and the other job is a sub position so infrequent. Due to the previous tenant of my apartment being a giant jack ass and not paying any of her utility bills or cutting any of them off plus confusion with my landlord on who pays what bill, I have a giant balance with electricity company that is not getting any smaller.

My mom also took the opportunity to call me a perfectionist and procrastinator about applying for other jobs despite the fact that I've continued to send out stuff and am now finishing up edits to both my cover letter and resume. She literally thinks you can just walk into a place, proclaim "I need a job! You should give me one!", and you'll get the job. Both phone conversations have ended with zap sobbing and us alternating hanging up on each other.


So, today sucks.