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Less And less optimism, but we're still searching and calling for her. Day before yesterday I had a disappointing visit to the shelter. When I got back I cried and called my sister (newly maternal over and above her baseline level of sisterly comforting) and she really did help.


I think the best thing to do is keep up with fliers and social media, call for her early in the morning and at night, and try to temper the impulse to think the worst. There are lots of ways never to know what happened to her and I'm choosing to accept the likely possibilities (predator animals, injury) while hoping ever so faintly that she will show up in our backyard mad and feisty as hell.

You guys have been so sweet to me. I'm not giving up, just trying to move on a bit for my own sanity. I love that little girl and hope she is happily hunting with rough-and-tumble group of disgruntled pets in tiny leather jackets.

Pics: Aggie on her windowsill, Aggie lying next to her big brother Toby on their favorite blanket.

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