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I couldn’t sleep last night, I’m tired as fuck tonight. Still have 6 evaluations to finish (got to make the comments more than short blurbs) but we got the email to give them by the 23rd. So I have to finish them, and deliver all 14 of them, AND sit in on 6 more for the folks who will be reporting to me in the reorg. And get my evaluation. Also while managing my regular work of managing the team and managing this reorg. Also, my stomach rebelled shortly after dinner so I’ve felt nauseated for like an hour. And finally, I was Facebooking and a friend posted a pic of her with a giant metal chicken, and of course I commented “Knock knock, motherfucker,” as one would in that scenario. Then she had to ask me to edit out the curse word because her 60 something relative who took the photo would be offended, as proper Baptist ladies do. Which I certainly don’t begrudge my friend asking me to edit it! Her right! But goddamn, old bitties offended by curse words are, like, the worst and my hackles get all raised when someone tut tuts me for my potty mouth and now I want to tell a complete stranger to fuck off. I may be a bit surly I am so tired. So I’m off to do iPad games for 20 minutes then hopefully to sleep. G’night.


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