I've found that the discourse is very similar to how Askenazim treat black Jews. While nobody thinks that blacks cannot be Jewish, there's a high level of suspicion due to the relative obscurity of actual black Jews and the high visibility of self-identified "black Jews" who obviously aren't (I believe the generally accepted proper term is "black Israelites") but protest loudly if told so. Also like the geek discourse, there's a large contingent of non- and pseudo-Jews who try to assert that self-identification is all that matters. 2 minutes ago

Yeah, when you start bringing up Nazis in a videogame discussion, you're a troll. How is this douche in the black and I'm not? (Truly, being perpetually grey over on Jez usually doesn't bother me, but this dude is clearly an idiot and a troll and is in the black. WTF? I'm a good girl. I swear. Robin Thicke would want to do liberate me.)