The Jezebel story says that he thinks all interns are named Monica. The source piece does not claim that he called all of them Monica!

The source piece claims that he called the first two Monica and got everyone else's name wrong. It doesn't say that he called everyone else Monica, which is how it's reported on Jezebel. Can you imagine the page hits she would get if she made that claim? But she didn't. She very carefully mentioned details about the ones called Monica and ignored all details of the others.

One of the others may have actually been named Monica or been *gasp* male. Or maybe he just called them something wrong that wasn't Monica. If he called all 5 of them Monica, she would have said that because she would have gotten paid more for that!

It's bad that he got all of their names wrong but he apparently didn't call them all Monica. The story is written in a way that makes it clear both that it is the most salacious true version and that the most salacious true version is not what Beck reported. Claiming that he called all of the interns Monica is an extremely bad assumption stated as fact.

But omg this commenter. Yeah thanks dude. We totally wouldn't have known Clinton's intern's name was related despite that being the reason for the article, because we're just that pathetically stupid. Thanks for mansplaining! That always goes over well on Jezebel. His comment history looks like a sock puppet. There are also a bunch of people on Gawker right now claiming that racism doesn't affect blacks, because blacks are affected by classism; I guess classism and racism are supposed to be mutually exclusive, which proves that racism doesn't exist. Hooray for no more rac...


Why did I sober up? Whywhywhy?