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She’s got to be closer to 100 years old than 90 years old. I’m gonna collapse when the news of her death hits. I fucking adore her.

She showed me early while wearing my diapers & rain boots that Lady People could do shit. My Mother still cracks up recalling my Doris Love.

I‘ve joked with my sisters about slapping a pup on Doris Day’s front lawn in Carmel, California to get her to come out & slap me, for “slapping” a pup! (no pups would be hurt during this.) She’s been a “recluse” for more than 30 years while taking good care of abandoned animals.


“Recluse?” I think probably not. I think Doris Day got it right on her first try, way ahead of the curve, to be a woman who takes good care of dawgs & catz that would otherwise be doomed, and every vulnerable person in her area. Plus, Doris Day knowing that her voice soars for people like me. Not only her generation, but a generation after who appreciates her :)

I find it worrisome that nobody has taken her songbook & made it their own. Why?? Maybe because she didn’t write her own songs or play her her own instruments. But FUCK, she sure could sing.

She’s right up there with Dolly in my opinion, but a notch below Dolly, too; taken for granted. Underestimated at every turn. But hey, Dolly is still the Queen of Everything.


Until we all wade through the Original songbook of Ella Fitzgerald & Aretha

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