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Sigh..In Laws

So my in-laws are coming tomorrow. Generally speaking they are very nice people, but I always get super stressed when they come. First of all, my house is NEVER clean enough. every time they come my MIL runs around and finds things to clean. Which would be great but I tell her not to, and she does it anyway. And there's always some remark attached to it like "Oh I'll just clean behind your fridge because you obviously haven't in a while" or "I washed out your garbage can because it was dirty in there." Fuck yeah lady, it's a garbage can!

The latest thing has been their refusal to stay at the house. They wanted to park an RV in our yard and we said no, so now they stay in a hotel (we have the space for them, but I guess a futon isn't good enough?). My MIL has been weird with me ever since I called her out for replying to one of my facebook posts that contained a swear word that she didn't like the I have a foul mouth. I deleted it and wrote her a message asking her not to police my page.

Then the last time she was down, she brought the baby a bunch of clothes and went through them all showing them to me. Which is a nice gesture, right? Except after she left I was putting them away and noticed one tee at the bottom that she didn't point out to me. It reads "Mr. Macho". I showed my husband and we both agreed that she 100% bought it as a passive aggressive way of hinting that I might make our son gay* because I love the gays so much and I'm a feminist.


(*obviously I know you can't make someone gay)

Plus when she comes she always has little comments about how I shouldn't be nursing so much, I should be giving him a bottle by now (he's four months for christssake) and when is SHE going to be able to feed him. She always wants to take him and "just give him back to me when he wants to eat". I get that she wants to spend quality time with him and all, and I want her to have that when she comes to visit, but I like to hang out with my baby too. I'm not in any hurry to pass him off to someone else all day.

Sorry, I just needed to get that off my chest. I'm just bracing myself for two days of frustration.

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