So I was planning to go to FST's wedding. But a college friend of mrchien lost his battle with cancer this week and the funeral was today at the same time as the wedding. Since I never met the guy the plan was to split up and go to the different events. Well then last night mrchien told me that he didn't think he could go alone to the funeral and it'd mean a lot if I went. Having been in ministry and knowing that grief is weird,I agreed and canceled.

Here's the thing, it's been several years since mrchien hung out with the guy in person or called. But he was around the same age, and well they were college pals. So I could see him wanting to go.

Well today I woke up late and as I was rushing around to get ready to be in the middle of a group of grieving strangers mrchien announces that he can't go, while in bed. And then he announces that we're going to Costco and starts tearing up and asks me for a Kleenex. Which meant, no wedding either. By the time things got sorted I'd missed my window to leave to make it in time anyways. So I take off my nice clothes, change into shorts, and go to Costco. We get there and he's acting like nothing happened and is happy and now that we're home I'm really annoyed..

Oh and to add to my annoyance, ants have colonized my car. :/

I think I'm going to guilt him into getting me some froyo later.