Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So ..... I can't discuss too much, because doxxing myself would be icky, but we have to move to family soon out of state and help out with some things that are happening. Nothing awful, just family needs my help. (I haven't really been discussing it online.) Sigh. Fortunately, my work is moveable this time (okay, in three weeks), but ugh, what if it wasn't?

Okay, I'm just whining now. I'll be taking a more administrative job where I'm going. So, that'll be interesting. And at least I can do that and have that opportunity!


But, it maketh me crabby. Also, it means I'm less anonymous online. I mean, it was one thing to be among faceless thousands. Now, in a smaller community/town, I would give it away. Obviously, no more discussing personal stuff for a bit, even on the burner.

I will tell you this. Did you know I made my name up by just typing random things into the computer? I wasn't actually planning on USING this that much. haha! Well, that was a famous last thought. You guys are too interesting to not know. :) In a moment of sentiment, I adjusted it tonight. So, I'll be around, but ... not discussing myself so much. I hope you don't mind. :)

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