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With the ever-looming threat of the govt taking away healthcare *cough* excuse me, I mean healthcare reform, this company is more important than ever:

(Affordable) access to birth control outside of insurance? The ability to purchase (legitimate, safe) emergency contraception online, without a written script, and have it delivered within 24h? Online consults with licensed physicians for patients who can’t leave their homes/neighborhoods, or live in an area without accessible reproductive care?


As soon as I get my new credit card in the mail, I will be donating to these beautiful brilliant humans. Reading through, and marveling at, the variety of services this company provides, has just forced me to reflect on how goddamn lucky I am to be able to tout these services as indispensable, without ever needing to rely on them.

I love you, GT. Please don’t ever stop making the internet a better place to be <3

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