I have recently become aware of this: significancelabs.org.

Essentially, as described by an integral team member at {s}, "[i]t's an incubator for a half dozen fellows from the tech world to bootstrap a socially aware entrepreneurial project with a huge amount of support: financial, input from experts and tech talent, and most importantly, direct access to the people in the affected communities, focusing on immersion into the community and rapid usability feedback.

It's a huge opportunity to create a product that really makes a difference."

If there's ever a group who might be interested in applying for this, it's you fabulous folks! Plus, you can spend a day with some of their members to see what it is they're all about.

They may be missing the mark in a few of their "hunches," but I dig what they're trying to do, even if the irony of the launch coinciding with the premier of HBO's Silicon Valley may be simmering just under the surface...