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Significance Labs, the Saga Continues

I posted about Significance when they were just getting off the ground a few months ago, as I'm acquainted with one of their new fellows and an employee. What I wrote then:

Essentially, as described by an integral team member at {s}, "[i]t's an incubator for a half dozen fellows from the tech world to bootstrap a socially aware entrepreneurial project with a huge amount of support: financial, input from experts and tech talent, and most importantly, direct access to the people in the affected communities, focusing on immersion into the community and rapid usability feedback.

It's a huge opportunity to create a product that really makes a difference."

(He's rather verbose, non?) What they're really doing is developing meaningful technologies - mostly mobile - that can help low-income individuals in various ways, currently focusing on financial literacy and management, but fellows at the project also have diverse (and bloody impressive) experience in the tech and not-for-profit world (Facebook, FastCompany, and Harlem Children's Zone appear among their resumes).


Significance is off and running and still looking for talented designers and engineers to join the team. If you're in the greater NYC area, have the skill set, and want to use your expertise to create technology products for those who need them most, follow the links!

Significance Labs also has a HuffPo presence, and you can read some of their pieces here.


They're not perfect, but I dig what they're aiming to do.

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