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Significant Person appreciation times

Is it your lover? Your sibling? Your parent? Your friend? A good neighbor? A teacher? A government employee? A call~center person?

I’ve been having a rough patch. Shit happens, as shit does.

Mr. 4th has been sliding sideways into third base lately to bring my sorry ass home to some comfort & saftey. My head was so far up my own ass that it took me a while to recognize that he is wrapping me up in practical support.


I mailed him a love letter tonight. I dropped it in the blue steel box after the post office had closed.

I hate baseball. I love him. This metaphor makes no sense to anyone but me, probably, unless you actually like baseball as he does, but he’s been batting a bajillion with me in mind & I’m grateful.

Who’s on your appreciation list? Alternately, does anyone need some appreciation I/we can give you? xo

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