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So, I want to say up front that I don’t really like my SIL. My brother is smart and funny if a bit weird and he’s managed to marry someone who is similarly weird (which works well for them) but not smart or funny, which makes the weird hard to deal with. I know “weird” is subjective, and I’m sure some people find her charming, but I don’t.

My SIL took six years to get a bachelors in communications, and she paid for all of it with loans adding up to approximately 100k in debt. After she and my brother married, my parents paid 50k towards paying this down. Now, since she graduated she has worked pretty consistently but at fairly low-paying jobs. At least, she did work, until my brother got his PhD and they moved so he could take a job. Since then she’s decided that she doesn’t want to look for a new job (they do not have kids) and so my brother is making her loan payments.


Why am I telling you guys this? Because she keeps making these Facebook status updates saying things like “Another loan paid off!”. And then people congratulate her and she doesn’t mention that she didn’t pay them off.

I know that how she and my brother manage their money is none of my business. And I know that she’s part of the family now and I shouldn’t begrudge her having financial stability. But she just soooooo entitled about it. My family takes money management seriously. My parents are careful, my brother is careful, I am careful. We all live within our means, why does she think she doesn’t have to?

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