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Lulz! What's Your Cross-Fandom One True Pairing (OTP)?

I was having this conversation elsewhere and decided it would be the perfect query for the Hivemind. I'm a huge fiction nerd. I love my fantasy and sci-fi realms and I'm okay with bailing on a beloved fandom if I don't like where the characters are going (This includes shipping). For example, I quit reading Harry Potter after book five and happily never looked back. Hermione and Ron? Really? I'm glad I flounced when Sirius kicked the bucket.

So I love imagining pairings between different fandoms. I like the idea that in any given storyverse there's always one character who is so unique, so special, so remarkable, that nobody else in that verse deserves or could understand that person. I'm a squishy romantic at heart. Sue me. Mary Sue me, even.


Invariably I'm attracted to the character who is the smartest of the lot. That person is the one to whom I am going to hitch my "Is it worth it for me to keep reading" star. So. What's one to do with a character who is an anomaly or who is surrounded by inferior offerings?

Duh. Pair him or her with his or her equivalent from another beloved fandom.


Ladies and gentlemen of the Hivemind, I present to you my OTP, Hermione Granger and Mycroft Holmes*.


Think about it. They're both brilliant loners surrounded by inferior minds. Each would respect the other's "Sorry, dear, I can't tell you about my day." Each is accustomed to looking out for the loved ones in their lives while simultaneously headdesking the necessity of it. Each holds the good of their realm above personal cost. They build their own code of ethics that is internally derived. They fight baddies and don't bat an eye. They see the patterns of things that lesser minds are oblivious to. They despair of the intellectual shortcomings of humanity. Can you imagine their conversations in the evening over good French brandy? None of us could keep up, but for them it would be exhilarating.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the Hivemind, I ship Hermione/Mycroft.

Now tell me yours! It can be het or slash, and even interspecies (android-ghola), interracial (Gallifreyan-human), or interformat (anime-liveaction).


*BBC Sherlock

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