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I got some premium wet food to grind Sophie’s pills into, and of course I can’t give her a treat without sharing with Buster. Buster wolfed his down immediately, as is his wont, while Sophie ate slowly in small bites (not usual for her, with wet food, but she’s still feeling crappy, poor baby).

So I was sitting by Sophie’s bed holding her food bowl, encouraging her to take bites, while Buster was walking back and forth behind me and poking his nose in hopefully, all “I could eat it! I could eat it! I just want you to know that I am happy to perform that service, should the need arise!” Cracked me up.

Sophie is doing better. She hasn’t had much of an appetite and she’s clearly still very sore and somewhat tentative, but she’s been happy to take walks and seems a lot less shell-shocked than last night. She’s having trouble with the stairs up to the apartment, though — she can go down fine, as long as we go slowly, but going up she stops 1/3 or half of the way up and looks at me piteously until I pick her up.


I found a halter type thing at Petco earlier. It doesn’t touch her neck or the other bite areas, and I think it’s a size too big, so there’s no chance of it rubbing against the wounds. Thank god — we tried the slip leash thing this morning and it was something of a disaster.

Mostly she’s just resting. Hopefully a few days of that will work wonders.

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