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Welcome To The Bitchery

Silly dog behavior

One of my dogs got shaved yesterday (because someone decided to go swimming and basically run amok in apparently a field of burrs) It reminded me of 2 things -

1 - Every time she gets shaved, she spends a ton of time walking up and down the hall rubbing her butt against the wall. It's funny and annoying at the same time.


2 - My other dog does not handle being alone well at all. He was alone for about 1 1/2 hours while I dropped her off at the groomers and ran some errands while I was in town. When I came home, he had pooped everywhere and had pulled the treats down from the pantry shelf. And then, when I was about to leave to go pick her up, he shoved his nose through the front door as I was closing it to lock it and forced his way outside to come with me. This is a dog isn't the biggest fan of car rides, but he had decided he was coming with me. It makes me concerned about what will happen when my other dog dies (she's 13-14 and healthy, but it's something that I think about).

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