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Silly Parent Stuff

I went home this weekend for a quick birthday dinner (mine!). While I was hanging out waiting for the dinner to start, I was aimlessly opening the cabinets like I always do and saw hot chocolate. Here was the exchange between me and my mom.

Me: Mmmm, hot chocolate! Yum! Is this anyone’s? Can I have some?

Mom: Yes, it’s [family member’s], and you can have some.

Me: Oh, nevermind, it has mini marshmallows in it.

Mom: Pick them out.

Me: Naw, I’m not going to pick them out.

Mom: I’ll pick them out.

Me: I’m not going to have you pick them out!

Mom: You want hot chocolate for Christmas?

Me: Rich hot chocolate, please.

Mom: *picking up her ever-expanding grocery list* Rich hot choco no marsh

I about lost it at the image of individually picking out stupid freeze-dried mini marshmallows out of my hot chocolate.


What crazy crap do your parents do/say? Bonus points for holiday-related shenanigans.

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