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Silly Post/ My Dogs

When I first adopted my little girl, she was a little velcro dog. For background, we adopted her when she was a little over a year old and were already her third family, she had a litter of puppies and had lived on the streets. So, I understood why she was just a little love and attention sponge. She was always by my side, all of the time. After 3 series of obedience classes and us working with her on meeting new people and her leash manners, four months later she is very independent. On the one hand, I am happy to see her feel comfortable enough to sleep on the bed but not in my lap, etc. On the other hand I miss my little lap girl. She went from squealing all night in her crate because she wanted to sleep right next to me to now getting in her crate and sleeping all night. I am proud of that, but feel sad because she doesn’t “need” me as much. Ugh! I thought I wasn’t having kids . . . Any dog trainers, this is good, right???


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