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I started so happy this morning, heading out the door right on time! I ran into an old classmate and had a chat but it wasnt a problem, I had time. Then, two stops from my final destination I realise with a shock that I left my gorram laptop at boobieguy’s place! Nooooooo I’m such a dumbass.

I’m in the subway back to the client now and instead of making myself go totally crazy over what a dumbass I am (like I’m not stressed enough these weeks) I’ll cheer myself up with something!

So I’m going to tell a boobieguy anekdote because what could be a better excuse? :)


I have to take drops for my sinusitus every morning and night. Which means I have to lay with my head upside down for 5 minutes. This sounds like no big deal but I hate doing it. Last night he turned around in bed and hung out upside down with me. When I laughed and asked why he was doing that he said “well you hate doing it! Maybe this makes it less bad.” He was also quite surprised no one had ever done that before. He’s a silly doofus and I love it ^_^

Share silly anecdotes of your SO if you want!

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