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Silver Linings (at least for me) about good in the face of tragedy

I'm posting this because yesterday was tragic-so awful-that I can't comprehend it. I have family in Boston (they're all ok, thank god). But I heard a few things yesterday that made me feel faith in humanity.

I heard the news when it broke on CNN. I had to get to class, so I only got the few details. I'm in a film class, and I almost didn't go. But I did, and I'm happy about that. We watched a funny movie, so that took me away for a few hours. I think...I donno, it helped a bit. I'm not trying to make light of anything, and you can ignore this paragraph, but it made me go into another world for a while.

When I got home I watched the news and read the kind comments on this site. What really reaffirmed my faith in the good in this world is hearing that people risked their lives by running back into the explosion to see if others were ok. I also am so proud of the first responders that did the same, and anyone else that did any act of kindness and courage. If that's not bravery, I don't know what is.


Also Patton Oswalt (hope I spelled his name right). That was the best open letter about the tragedy that I read. He said something about for every horrid person in the world, there are more good ones. I was happy that he said that.

The last thing-the thing that really gave me comfort-were the people who brought up Mr. Rodgers. I miss him so much, and he was possibly the kindest, most compassionate person who ever lived (or that I remember from my childhood). Thank you, everyone who commented about him. It made me remember that there is true, real good in this world.

I've been lucky lately. I'm meeting with someone who is helping me with graduate school. I've been doing well. But to hear about an act of malice is hard. But remembering the good-be it a funny movie, the brave people who came and helped, a thoughtful open letter, or the fact that someone named Mr. Rodgers walked the world and devoted his life to good-is the only thing I have to hold onto. .

To all my Boston Jezzies, and to the others around the world, I hope you are ok. If you have family in the area, I hope that they are ok. If you feel so deeply affected by this, I hope you are ok. I felt the horror, and not hearing from my family there was the longest 4 hours of my life. But to the good in the world-the good that I see-is something to remember. Be safe, be strong.


Sorry this was long, and sounds a bit odd at some parts, but I want to say that the good people who helped the injured, and everything else I mentioned, proves there is good in the world. My heart goes out to the runners, bystanders, and the community of Boston, and to anyone else who is trying to make sense of the senseless. Just please, remember there is good in the world. That's what keeps me going. Sorry if this sounds self absorbed, but I had to write about what I see is hope.


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