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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

How bad is it, from a feminist perspective? Or is it not bad?

I re-watched the first Sin City last week with my boyfriend, because he really wants to see the sequel. I liked it in 2005, so I was pretty surprised at how ... kind of horrible I find it now. The violence doesn't feel edgy anymore, and while men experience a lot of violence too, they're also allowed to be old, ugly, and live without being sex objects, which none of the female characters can claim. I felt ill after watching it.


What's the second one like? I kind of nixed going to the sequel, and my boyfriend is heartbroken, but I've heard that A Dame to Kill For is critically worse than the first, and somehow I thought it was also more violent-against-women than the first. But I can't find mention of that in reviews. So I'm not sure if that's because no one cares, or because the problems with it are, like, some people got bored of it, not feminist issues.

Has anyone seen it? Thoughts? Can a feminist sit through this without wanting to barf? I feel bad for vetoing these movie plans, but I was seriously triggered by Sucker Punch (my first experience actually being 'triggered', it was really scary) and I'm wary of having that happen again. Expressions of sexualized violence against women that is left without justice/vengeance/etc really disturbs me. On the other hand, if it's just basically the first movie but worse acting or something, I can handle that!

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