Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Gawker posted an article about how drummer Kliph Scurlock was kicked out of the Flaming Lips for criticizing the OK governor's daughter over her headdress photo and her behavior after.


I just wanted to signal boost that a little because I think it's pretty awesome that he was willing to stand up like that, and is still vocally supporting the Native American community in the aftermath. It just gave me a bit of hope to see someone (relatively) famous being willing to take a stand to the point of losing his job over something like this, because especially on Native American issues it seems so hard to get people to really give a damn.

And also WTF is wrong with that little asshole Fallin? "We respect your beautiful culture" my ass. The headdress-wearing and fauxpology were pretty sadly normal levels of racism, but the way she's doubling down on this and deliberately insulting the Native Americans protesting her actions is kind of shocking to me. I guess in a world with Dan Snyder and all it really shouldn't, but it still does.

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