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How many of you bathe before bed vs. in the morning? I CAN. NOT. go to bed dirty. I will not sleep well. The rare occasions I am too drunk to shower, I always wash the sheets the next day.

Also, I don't allow shoes in the house. That grosses me out too. Part of this is where I grew up/culture, but most of it is because I don't want to mop the floors every day. It's easier to keep the house clean, and I don't feel like I need to wash my feet in the time it takes me to get between the shower and the bed.

All right. Pile on.

ETA: for the record, I do wash my feet in the shower, clean out my ears (and behind them!), and my bellybutton. But I will go 2 weeks before I wash my bras and sometimes jeans...


Edited again: I wash my hair every day, too. I only wear jeans on the weekends, so really it's only 4 wears before they get washed. I also rotate out about 5 different bras so the elastic doesn't get all stretched out.

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