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When I was starting my career I wasn’t sure what industry I wanted to work in. I had taken some contract stuff, and I was building my resume. I liked games, so I figured hey do that. After talking to some older grads I learned that that whole industry is a vile hellscape. It’s a situation where everyone wants in, and the companies know that, so they treat you like shit. Even if you’re a programmer. I knew higher level devs made good money, but from what I was told (at the time, maybe it’s changed) starting out you’re gonna be run ragged and paid very little. Also there was a thing about all the jobs being contract? Like a studio would hire you on FT, but once a game was complete they might fire you. And apparently that’s common. So you just never know how secure your job is.

But before I understood all that, I applied places. I didn’t apply directly to Riot, but a friend of mine was talking to a recruiter and he recommended me. My friend was not interested in games at all. So the recruiter contacted me, and he asked me up front my salary expectations. I told him what I thought was fair and he actually guffawed at the amount. He had an audible reaction to it. I remember feeling so embarrassed. And not only that - he straight up told me I wouldn’t find any jobs like this paying that much. Obviously, the interview was just done after that. He never called me back and I never reached out. LUCKILY though.


Afterwards I talked to the friend who had recommended me, who was just as new as me (but a dude). At the time I felt uneasy asking salary info like that (stupid). But I was just so scarred from that experience and I didn’t want it to happen again, so I asked him what he had asked for. He told me he gave a range (something I didn’t think to do), and it was much higher than mine. His starting point was 10k higher than what I said. I asked him what the guy had said to that and apparently it wasn’t a problem at all. Oh, and the guy had been emailing him non-stop since their call. :/

I’ll never forget that. I didn’t go into games (thank fuck), but I’m proud to say my first FT job paid more than that paltry sum I originally asked for. So yeah…that company is loaded with misogynistic assholes. All the way down to recruitment. 10 million is nothing to them. I’m positive they owe more. From my experience it’s clear they’re just hostile to women. They don’t put them at the same level they do men. I just read that article on Kotaku about them paying out and yuuup, sounds about right.

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