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Here's a nice takedown of the Tom Socca Here's the heart of it

The commenters really loved Scocca’s piece. They always do. One of the funny things about Scocca’s exquisitely polished stance as The Last Honest Man On the Internet is that most of what he writes is pure red meat for Gawker commenters. Look at his piece on how white people ruin everything. It was vintage Scocca: right on the facts and on the substance, analytically adroit, not quite as good as he clearly thought it was, and perfectly designed to flatter the sensibilities of the average reader of Gawker. Nothing could have played to their self-image more; each of the white people loudly celebrating it was sure that it was actually about those other white people, which of course destroyed its entire point. In any event, it was portrayed, by the hundreds and hundreds of connected people who praised it, as somehow a work of unpopular daring. That might be Scocca’s real genius: to write pieces that appear risky but which are actually money in the bank, perfect for the kind of people who read Gawker or the Awl.


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