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NinjaCate go byebye. *sniffle* I am still editing my blog to make it look right and have features and things and oh by the way, Google, am I going to have to call an employee to get my domain issues worked out? Jimminy. One of the features that I added today was a list of blogs that I like and I didn't know where your blogs are so let's fix that, eh?


I have petticoatdespot.com, .net, and .org and I have since last December or so. This is why I've always said that this account is not anonymous. I'm working on some styling issues and eventually, I'll be moving to a custom platform. In the meantime, what will eventually become petticoatdespot.com is: http://petticoatdespot.blogspot.com/

I also have:

Where are you guise?

ETA: I just went through the "Followed by BRIMSG" list and added a bunch of you on the twitter. I'm not entirely sure why. My main twitter account has been dormant since 2008.

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