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Welcome To The Bitchery

Since when does don't agree equal troll?

Kinja is prejudiced. Yeah I SAID IT! What!?!

But seriously guys, I understand the need to sift out trolls however the issue with 'the greys' and the whole recommendation system means that essentially if someone doesn't agree with the consensus of opinion on Jez their comments are regarded as illegitimate by Big Brother Kinja.


They won't be recommended because they don't agree. How do you have open debate? How can you check your privilege? How do you see opposing views?

Nobody wants MRAs, homophobes, racists and general antagonisers (this is not an actual word, but take it to mean those who live to antagonise).


Lets have open, honest and diverse debate. My view as a POC will be different to a WASP will be different to LGBT will be different to differently abled etc etc.

How diverse do we really think Jez is? Our opinions are shaped by our experiences. Why should anyone get to decide if my experience is legitimate or worthy of the Jezebel commentariat.


Ignore trolls love commenters.


P.s. I don't mean to sound, high horsey or troll apologist.

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