Okay, here's the deal. I have good-to-great credit; DudeJeans does not (because of circumstances that are truly not his fault, but that's a topic for another post). I am currently in a grad program and funded year-to-year on a stipend that is modest, but provides more than enough to cover a mortgage for a house in our price range (not even factoring in DudeJeans's contribution). The problem is, I can't *guarantee* my funding — I know my program won't stop supporting me, but it's basically one year at a time, the assumption being that at some points you'll be picked up on a grant.

The solution to this we've initially chewed on was having one of my parents cosign — they'd be helping us with many of the costs anyway. But is there any chance, whatsoever, that a bank might approve a loan to me, solo, on my own merits?