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I've got a question:

Beau, Carlos and I are very seriously looking into buying a house. We're happy in our rental right now (despite some landlord issues and what can only be described as the deforestation of our yard) and had planned to stay another year, but this place kind of fell into our laps when we went to an estate sale, met the owner's daughter, and realized it was basically our dream home*.

The only issue (of course there must be one) is that it has a lot of interior cosmetic issues. Think terrible carpeting, wallpaper on antique doors, and quite possibly the most ridiculous kitchen I've ever seen.


We're pursuing the house, getting the appraisal, etc. I'm very nervous because I'm a super-frugal person, but I'm trying to realize that it's a normal next step.

I guess what I want to know is: What should I, as first-time home buyer of an old and work-needing home, be thinking of? I think I'm pretty good, but what do YOU wish you'd known before you moved into the place you're in? Also, how much work is too much? Any and all advice is welcome.

*Literally, every single requirement that I had except it has a slightly smallish yard. But it seems — I don't want to bore you with it— like a stars aligned type of situation.

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