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Sincere forms of flattery not always welcome

You know how when you get a friend into a hobby you're very into, and it's quite exciting to see someone enjoying what you're interested in? And then they begin to clone things you do, to the fine details and particular sub-interests that you're very into? Also, when they never give you credit as the person who got them into it and they tell people that they just felt the need one day and come up with these ideas all on their own?

Yeah, not a compliment anymore.

To add: it's not that she's copying me precisely. In terms of credit it's mostly that I immaturely would at least like the occasional mention as the person who got her into it. That's probably just silly but I'm silly. :) I'm not going to say anything to her, other than gently encourage her to branch out into other areas she finds interesting. I think I've just done too good a job of selling the things I find interesting! There's no malice...she's just enthusiastic. It's just a bit annoying!


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