So my disorder struck again I had a brief episode on Sunday, wearing me out and fucking up part of my day yesterday. I had crappy spasms and was drooling and was just overall super sexy, but I felt better thus morning.


There I was, sitting at my desk, when I went all clammy and then started pouring sweat. The drool started back up and I got super dizzy and had topo rest my head on my hand while I took my blood pressure. BP was okay, but my heart rate, normally at least 90 beats per minute; normally over 100BPM, was down to 42 BPM.

Awesome, right? My work friend offered to get me water, but that wouldn't bring my BP up while I tried to think of who I could call, MY LEGSWENT NUMB. So they called the medics.

Now I'm in the hospital overnight for observation. the test to determine if I had a heart attack isn't back (I didn't) and I do not have an embolism. I do have yucky lungs, but that's hardly a surprise as I had bronchitis. I had to use a bedpan because I'm nit allowed to walk, and that made me cry. I cried a lotwhen they called the medics. Basically, tons of crying, and I feel awful.


Chest pain, drooling, and leg numbness is a kind of sick...

Sing Soft Kitty to me?

Or, you know, gifs or Doge or whatnot? Please?